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Leak Detection in Cairns – Burst Pipe Locators

Leak detection has never been so important, with rising water and maintenance costs, and Mackie Plumbing are the Cairns and Far North Queensland leak detection experts!

This is one of our main services and we have the latest technology and equipment to be able to locate your leak, be it in the property or under the ground, and provide cost effective maintenance and fix solutions.

Our leak detection experts service commercial and private clients from Gordonvale to Cairns, Port Douglas and Mossman and across the Tablelands region.

Finding and fixing a leak is a 6 step process with Mackie Plumbing:

Leak Detection

  1. Report your suspected leak to Mackie Plumbing Cairns
  2. Pending the nature of your leak, we will provide advice on checking taps and toilets, or dispatch one of our leak detection specialists
  3. On arrival at your premises, we will check the internal fittings and fixtures for leaks
  4. We will then use our specialist electronic acoustic leak detection equipment* to check for any leaks under your pavers, concrete pathways or bitumen. This is very cost effective, as it will allow us to identify the location of any potential leak without any excavation or invasive works.
  5. Once the leak has been detected, we can provide an accurate quote and assessment on the costs and time involved in fixing your leak
  6. Repair work can be completed accurately, with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas

* Mackie Plumbing is one of the few Cairns plumbers to have this specialist equipment. We are happy to work with other plumbers, to locate the leak and enable the preparation of an accurate quotation for repairs.

Mackie Plumbing’s electronic acoustic leak detection equipment enable us to easily and quickly locate the problem, isolate it and then fix it, with minimal disruption or excavation works required.

The benefits of using Mackie Plumbing for your leak detection and repairs:

  • Efficient leak detection and location
  • Less cost, mess and inconvenience in leak repairs

Mackie Plumbing in Cairns also has specialist line tracking equipment to locate underground services (water, phone and power).

If you suspect you have a leak at your house, rental property or office, then contact Mackie Plumbing today on phone 0407 722 169 or email