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Do you have a blocked drain?

Have you ever tried to flush your toilet only to have it overflow onto the floor??? Or a sinkful of water that suddenly won’t drain? This is a nightmare scenario for most homeowners! The bathroom and kitchen sink are usually subject to continuous abuse with food scraps, hair, soap and other items being washed down the drain!

Fortunately, there are usually tell tale signs of a blocked drain before they fail completely causing disaster in the home! By recognising these early symptoms of a blocked drain, you can get professional help before a more serious problem develops.

  1. Slow draining – Is your sink or tub taking a long time to drain? If it is, you probably have a blockage.
  2. Foul odours – Is there a bad smell around drainage pipes? If there is a clog in the drain, hair, water and other debris can accumulate behind the clog. The decomposing solids and stagnant water can cause a bad smell to be detected around your drain pipes.
  3. Gurgling sounds – A drain that is blocked locally will often cause the effected fixture to gurgle as the water drains.
  4. Changes in flush – You may notice water levels in your toilet rise higher when you flush. This may be a sign that you have a blocked drain.

What should I do if my drain gets blocked?

If you think you have a blocked drain, contact Mackie Plumbing in Cairns.

  • When you call Mackie Plumbing Cairns, you will receive expert advice.
  • The plumbers at Mackie Plumbing can offer you friendly advice about maintenance and services of your household plumbing.
  • If you have a blockage in your pipes, Mackie Plumbing has the most technologically advanced investigation equipment, which will locate the blockage and enable the quickest and most cost effective, least destructive, repairs possible.
  • The plumbers at Mackie Plumbing take pride in their work, leaving the location secure and tidy after the job has been completed.
  • Mackie plumbing pride themselves on same day response time to callouts and services across Cairns city and surrounding suburbs.
  • The Mackie Plumbing team have some 70 years’ trade qualified experience between them.
  • The Mackie Plumbing Cairns fleet of vehicles is equipped with all the basic equipment and supplies, to ensure we get to your place quicker, attending to your plumbing problems promptly!
  • Mackie Plumbing Cairns is a family owned and operated business. They offer a range of plumbing services from maintenance and repairs to installation of equipment in all areas of Cairns.
  • They offer emergency callout on 07 4058 0312, just in case that toilet overflows everywhere!

So Give Mackie Plumbing Cairns a call on 4058 0312 or drop them an email and find out what they can do for you!