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What to do if you think you have a leak!

With the rising cost of living in Cairns and all around Australia, leak detection in the home has never been so important. Home maintenance costs, including the cost of water have risen over recent years. Consequently, home owners really need to watch their consumption of things like water and electricity.  If you suspect you have a leak in your home, it is important to act straightaway to ensure no more water is wasted and no further damage to the home occurs.

Every home owner in Cairns should be aware of how to do regular checks to make sure they do not have any leaks that they cannot see.  Checking your home for a leak is something that is relatively easy to do. By detecting a leak early on, you can prevent all sorts of problems being caused by things such as dripping in the walls or leaking under the floor!

Conduct a leak test

The easiest way to tell if you have a leak in your home is to shut off every tap in the home. After you are sure that every single tap is turned off, you can be certain that your water meter should stay at the same spot, without increasing at all. You can either write down the number on the water meter, or you can simply snap a picture of the meter to let you know where it was at. After about thirty minutes, you can come back and check the meter. If the meter has gone up, you have a leak. If the meter has remained the same, you are in the clear.

Contact Mackie Plumbing to do the rest

If you perform a leak detection test and discover that you have a leak, it is absolutely imperative that you take care of the situation as soon as you possibly can. Leaks can cost a massive amount of money and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in damages very quickly, so this is something to take very seriously. At Mackie Plumbing in Cairns, leak detection is one of our main services and we have the latest technology and equipment to be able to locate your leak. Whether its in the property or under the ground, we can provide cost effective service, maintenance and fixing solutions.

  • We have specialist electronic acoustic leak detection equipment that will help us detect any leaks under your pavers, concrete pathways or bitumen.
  • We also have line tracking equipment to located underground services such as water, phone and power to avoid any costly mistakes!
  • Once the leak has been detected, we can provide an accurate quote and assessment on the costs and time involved in fixing your leak.
  • We provide leak detection and repair at a lower cost, with less mess and inconvenience to you!
  • We’re proud of the reliable, friendly service we offer.

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